Capital Elite All Star Cheerleading

Teams for All Ages & Skill Levels

No matter your age or skill level, we have a team or class that will meet your child’s needs. Here at Capital Elite All Stars, we offer a variety of classes and teams to meet the needs of our athletes!

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Options for Cheer Teams at Capital Elite All Stars

Cheer 101

Students will learn basic tumbling, motions, cheers, jumps, stunts, conditioning, flexibility, and more!

Recreational Cheer

Ages 3+

Recreational cheer will have local performances and get the chance to showcase skills at local youth sporting events. With an end of season showcase.

Competitive Cheer

Ages 3+

We have teams in multiple skill levels in the elite, prep and novice category. There is a team for everyone!

Elite teams are travel teams with out of state appearances in competitions such as NCA All Star Nationals in Dallas, TX. Elite teams may also receive bids to the All Star Summit or World events!

All teams will have the chance to go to local competitions & performances.

Flexibility Class

Ages 5+

Students will learn the best techniques and tips to increase flexibility.

Flyer/Top Girl Class

Our flyer/top girl classes are designed to improve overall flyer technique including flexibility, agility, and timing.

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